Herman Melville took to the high seas because he needed the money to support his family. He signed on for sailing and whaling voyages as an ordinary sailor and even joined the US Navy.


This is where he got his experience and interest in whaling and life onboard sailing vessels of the day, to be able to write Typee (where he lived with cannibals) and Moby Dick.


Herman married Elizabeth Shaw, the daughter of Elizabeth Knapp Shaw and Lemuel Shaw, a Supreme Court Justice in Massachusetts, who was friendly with Herman Melville's family. Elizabeth fell in love with Herman Melville, who had dedicated his first novel, Typee, to her, after which they got married.


Herman Melville's writing was not recognized for what it was until a revival in 1919, long after his death.




Elizabeth Shaw Melville, wife of Herman. Apart from producing four children, Lizzie, helped Herman to develop his written works.











LURE OF THE SEA - Who has not yearned for adventure on the high seas. Life on land being so much more dull.





WHAT FUTURE OUR OCEANS? - Fish stocks are falling, whales are being killed by Japanese, Canadian and Icelandic pirates - and ghost fishing nets - and the whole ecosystem is under threat from micro plastics. As a source of protein the ocean is rapidly going the way of agriculture, as arable land is being turned into deserts by global warming.



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