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UN SDG Action Zone, 21 September 2022 - United Nations General Assembly



SEPTEMBER 21-23 2022 - General Assembly: #UN SDG Action Zone. If zero carbon and equality, are your thing, why not join in the program and hear from the world's top sustainability speakers, including Antonio Guterres and Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Since FLOP26 in 2021, the world has moved backwards, with Russia invading Ukraine, highlighting the folly of dependence on the importation of cheap fossil fuels, that are in reality extremely expensive when compared to wind or solar energy. So progress of sorts, in the Imperialist actions of a climate and war criminal, telegraphing the urgency of our sloth - and a lesson perhaps, to would be aggressors in economics versus conflict: "Why are you pushing me?"  [Sylvestor Stalone - Rambo]

It is a law of physics, that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the end, it pays to play fair. Every country should be energy self-sufficient, so as not to be fiscally bullied (or otherwise duped), into turning a blind eye to illegal aggression. The Cleaner Ocean Foundation is registered for this event. You needed to register to make a difference.






What comes across loud and clear from the opening sessions of SDG Action Zone, and having listened to the speakers, is that there is hope for our future, provided that the collective human brain - those of us that think and are not led like lambs to the slaughter - is able to persuade politicians to think beyond the next election.


In fact, we need to ensure that election manifesto's only receive attention, once they have been vetted by an informed electorate, and approved as being a set of promises that are achievable in climate terms, to cast a vote on.


At the moment we are reliant on fossil fuels, only because present world leaders are (effectively) in the pockets of big businesses that they are reliant on for taxes. Taxes being necessary to budget for services. The problem being that having rested on unsustainable fuels for so long to bolster economic growth - by way of election promises to get elected. They know no different.


Being elected needs to be based on sustainability and telling the truth. The truth being that we are living above our means. Simply put, we only have one planet. But, we have been lording it about, pretending that we have 2.4 planets to play with.


Sadly, for the kleptocrats, that climb on board a political party built of false promises, it is very hard to get into a position where you can make a difference, without lying to the electorate - or carrying on the party pledges - that have brought us to the brink of extinction.






Nadira Hira - Master of Ceremonies



The Master of Ceremonies - Nadira Hira





One possible solution is to make it illegal to to lie to the electorate during election campaigns. Should a candidate tell a lie, he or she would automatically be disqualified from continuing in a race to become Prime Minister or President.


The recent resignation of the UK's Boris Johnson should never have been countenanced, because he lied during his election (big red bus) campaign and then lied to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (RIP), about proroguing parliament. Because lying to the electorate is allowed in British politics, it is possible for a Prime Minister to be elected who persistently misleads both the electorate and the House of Commons. Another example of which is Partygate.


If such skullduggery is allowed in the UK, a so-called democracy, what chance do they have in other countries that are more prone to corruption - with physical violence to silence dissenters. In the UK they just arrest you and fabricate evidence to detain campaigners. It was Adolf Hitler who said: to


A democracy is only a democracy when there is absolute transparency and accountability. A Constitutional Monarchy, as in the UK, does not have a written constitution. A written constitution is a first step to accountability. In the UK, prosecutors and the judiciary are allowed to belong to secret societies. "Secret." The opposite of transparent.


It should be like a game of chess, where the players make their moves so that anyone can see them. Meetings and phone calls should be recorded, for compliance purposes.


Taxes should identify the income stream and where the money is being spent.


Politicians should have their assets and bank accounts monitored using the same anti money laundering algorithms used to stop drug money from being legitimized, or money being used to fund terrorism.


This would eliminate bribes. Outside interests should be declared such that politicians must abstain where there are conflicts of interest, with no other jobs or consultancy positions allowed during their term in office.








All of these speakers had an exceptional grasp of the subject matter













Each speaker brought a new perspective to the proceedings






Sepi Golzari-Munro - Global Wind Energy Council




Sepi Golzaro-Munro - was one speaker who told it like it was when it comes to wind and solar power, rather ruining the day for fossil fuelers. As was clear from her message, why are we even contemplating anything but harvesting energy from nature? It all comes down to pandering to vested interests, and ponying up for getting the politicians elected. It has nothing to do with common sense and sustainability.








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