PROJECTS WITH A PURPOSE - Sending messages to world leaders about ocean pollution and dwindling fish stocks



Your immediate contact for the "Feed The World" project is Terry. Concerning filming and documentary enquiries please use the same email address marked for the attention of Tom.



Christina, Miss Ocean event contact 2015

Terry, Miss Ocean event contact 2015









Your immediate contacts for the "Miss Ocean" event will be Christina and Briggette.


Tom is our film producer, Terry is our training advisor and Andrew our marketing lead for both Mister and Miss Ocean when it comes to associates and sponsorship.


We have yet to appoint an Events Manager and will be looking for sporting coaches for Life Saving and the other aquatic events shortly.


If you might be interested in joining our events team for 2018, please email us with:


Your Full Name
E-mail Address
Current Mailing Address (city/town, county, postcode)
Phone number(s) with area code and mobiles
Current Age

Skills & Interests


Or telephone for clarification, but please be brief.

We will be unable to process applications that do not include all of the required information. Once we have received your information, you will be contacted by emails or telephone. Your information will be treated in strict confidence and only used to process Miss or Mister Ocean applications. Data supplied is subject to the protections of the Data Protection Acts.



Please address all enquiries to:-


Miss Ocean Contest

Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd

Ocean Suite

Solar House


United Kingdom


Phone: +44 (0) 1323 831727

Email: pageant @ miss-ocean . com











Please write to:-


Feed The World Project

Cleaner Oceans Foundation Ltd

Solar Studios


United Kingdom


Email: conservation @ miss-ocean . com

Phone: +44 (0) 1323 831727




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