THE PAGEANT WITH A PURPOSE - The most beautiful women on earth send a message to world leaders about ocean pollution





It is not the individual parts that matter, but the sum of the parts. Every woman is special, a complex being that has taken millions of years to evolve on a planet that is unique in all the solar system - for now.


You have developed socially and physically in a way that makes you completely special. Humans are the most adaptable animals on the planet, rather than the most adapted. The Miss Ocean competition is designed to coax out your personality to represent womanhood as a force that drives the development of planet earth sustainably.


The overall impression that a woman gives in intangible, simply that an "impression" that is made, rather than a first impression. This is a considered impression from the judges, after they have got to know the contestants and the contestants have had a chance to show what they are made of.


This section is worth 25 points.


The point system ensures that all of the make up of a competitor are considered.


Help us to put on a show of woman power. Represent yourself to the full during Miss Ocean and help us to show the world that woman power is awesome.






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