CONSTRUCTIVE DISMISSAL CLAIMS - We urgently need to raise funds for legal costs to help us fight our Legal Case against our employer Hastings Lions Pier Ltd.


When Abid Gulzar's Hastings Lions Pier Ltd bought the Pier from our previous employers Hastings Pier Charity, we pledged to work for and with him in a positive, enthusiastic way. In our brief stint as employees of his, however, he often encouraged us to engage in questionable work operations: often against our advice, because they completely contradicted our understanding of best working practices in the engineering field.

An atmosphere was created by Gulzar and his management team that made our careers at the Pier untenable, including:

• His refusal to pay for safety inspections or for new materials to maintain the structural integrity of the Pier

• His claim that Peter, a Royal Engineer of 35 years' marine and civil experience, was unqualified to work either on or under the Pier

• Behaving towards Francesca in what she considered a professionally and personally inappropriate way on more than one occasion. 

And then, on the back of Peter's protestations, Gulzar turned the tables and accused him of unsafe working practices and a very stressful working environment. That was the final straw for both of us.

We now intend to take legal action to fight these allegations and injustices - and that's what our Crowdfund's for.

We have been entirely committed to the Pier and maintain our heavily evinced love of the Pier and all who sail in her.

Any surplus or unused funds will go towards ensuring the Pier's future.


£4,130 raised of £7,500 target

146 supporters

55% 24 days left (@ 04-11-18)

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by December 29th 2018 at 11:32am




Sheikh Abid Gulzar has got a lot on his plate for sure, with several hotels and now two piers to operate at a potential loss, where is all the money going to come from to keep his workers protected. The flamboyant entrepreneur is famous for controversy in one arena or another. Yes, he is a risk taker, and yes he gets into a few tough scrapes, but he has the courage to step in where other fear to tread. We only hope that he recovers his equilibrium to be able  to resume his not for profit objectives, for that is surely what running two piers must be like.


We are saddened by the fact that it is possible to run both piers and make a handsome return. We heard about such plans a few years ago when the Cleaner Ocean Club, (now Foundation) was able to take over and had planned attractions the like of which would have pleased the public and Eastbourne and Hastings councils - and the profit and loss account of the operators. It was not to be. But that does not mean that the man who loves golden lions could stage a recovery with something truly amazing.




DEATH & TAXES - We wonder why Mr Gulzar does not set up a charity to operate Hastings and Eastbourne piers? Without some creative imagination, operating both of these piers has always had problems.





STATISTICALLY IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER FIRE - With a track record of fires and suspicious circumstances, any new owner who has claimed on any buildings insurance policy previously will have to be extra vigilant to do their utmost to ward off investigation as to fresh claims. Fingers crossed then that there is not another fire on the Eastbourne or Hastings piers when the financial pressure begins to show. Time to install new fire extinguishers perhaps and get them all tested.















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