The Heart of the Ocean is a tiara to be used to crown the Miss Ocean competition winner



Kate Winslett in Titanic


INSPIRATIONAL - Le Cœur de la Mer as worn by Kate Winslet in the best Hollywood version of the infamous Titanic sinking. Tragic though the loss of this great ship was, the film by James Cameron is superb, as is the acting of the whole cast and even the CGI was acceptable, making this movie as near perfect as possible and an instant classic.




LE COEUR DE LA MER - The raw materials, beginning with a sketch on a piece of cardboard to at least get some idea of the length of wire to be used. This is 4mm metal wire formed into two horseshoes, the lower of which is designed to be comfortable on the head and the right size for the average contestant to wear confidently.




METAL FORMING - One of the skills that any jeweler must become the master of is the art of bending wire accurately to shape in three dimensions.




TACKING - At this stage in the design process we do no want to commit to this particular layout. We want to try out a few ideas to see if they work. The two 4mm diameter horseshoes and the 1mm diameter triangulation are stitched together with clips made from the 1mm wire. In reality the platinum or white gold will be joined with the appropriate high temperature brazing alloy.



Le coeur de la mer


POPULATING - Just to get an idea of where we are headed, we needed to see a few of the pearls and a stone the right size and shape for the precious final version in situ. A diamond or sapphire this size and colour would be worth $millions and is beyond the budget for our modest competition. These are though real pearls. Pearls come in all shapes, sizes and colours and can be as much as several thousand £dollars each.

The tiara pictures on this page are some of the configurations that we are producing for evaluation before we decide on the actual design of the Miss Ocean tiara. Already, we are into our second design to make more of the heart shape of the centerpiece blue stone. The pictures of our studies will be  published as we progress.





HEART OF THE OCEAN - The fictional diamond is based on a real necklace that according to an article in the Washington Times was worn by Kate Phillips and was diamond and sapphire, rather than a blue diamond.












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