Elizabeth Shaw was the daughter of Elizabeth Knapp Shaw and Lemuel Shaw, a Supreme Court Justice in Massachusetts, who was friendly with Herman Melville's family. Elizabeth fell in love with Herman Melville, who had dedicated his first novel, Typee, to her, after which they got married.


Elizabeth knew all about her husband's exploits on sailing and whaling ships and encouraged him to put pen to paper. She also helped with his drafts, corrections and so on, hence was a driving force in the eventual production of Moby Dick, one of the most important American works of literature at that time. Though Herman Melville's writing was not recognized for what it was until 1920, long after his death.















LURE OF THE SEA - Who has not yearned for adventure on the high seas. Life on land being so much more dull.





WHAT FUTURE OUR OCEANS? - Fish stocks are falling, whales are being killed by Japanese, Canadian and Icelandic pirates - and ghost fishing nets - and the whole ecosystem is under threat from micro plastics. As a source of protein the ocean is rapidly going the way of agriculture, as arable land is being turned into deserts by global warming.



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