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Eastbourne Pier is a monument at risk


EASTBOURNE PIER - Is a monument to the Victorian era and our love of the sea. The unique structure gives us the opportunity to help youngsters gain valuable work experience in a variety of areas. We don't want to stop there. We need people with experience to share all that knowledge with the next generation.


Details of how you can help the pier come back to life, or our events that will set hearts racing, will be published on this page in the new year.


You will be able to learn skills while contributing to your community. Recognition of your input by way of a certificate of participation, will add to your achievements and boost your CV.


Volunteers Cadets will complete a 6-12 month tour of duty, then hand over their baton to make way for others to learn new skills. To qualify you must be 16 or over and have parental consent. Parents will be required to sign a form confirming their consent to such activities.


It is important for Cadets and the guardians to know that training and supervising volunteers costs our charity both time and space. Time from our Veterans and space to work and learn skills from our Ocean Elders.


Veteran volunteers can go on to more advanced projects if they demonstrate ability and dedication for us to invest in their career development. This will complement any parallel academic courses. We will encourage those who give their time to the pier to learn about conservation, marine issues and business project management.


Ocean Elders (themselves volunteers) will decide appropriate advancement tailored to the rates of progress on an individual basis.


By this means, Cadets will take with them experience of working as a team player, that is so important in later life.




Hayley, Miss Ocean competition events manager   Terry


COMMUNITY SPIRITS - Hayley and Terry need your help to make these projects work.












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